Dutch Winter Warmers handwarmers are knitted with 100% pure shorn wool from Dutch sheep. The wool comes from the ‘Texelaar’ sheep, and as the name suggests, these sheep are usually found on the island of Texel. Texel is one of the five waddenislands located in the North of the Netherlands in the Waddensea.

Dutch Winter Warmers handwarmers are hand knitted. The knitted pattern is an old design, which has beenused in traditional Dutch fisherman jumpers for centuries. The knitted patterns and designs in the jumpers were directly related tot the sea, fishing, and the fishermen’s hometowns. The design used for Dutch Winter Warmers handwarmers is called ‘cable’ after the ropes and cables of the sails. It is most common in the jumpers of fishing villages Urk and Scheveningen.

Quality, sustainability and colour 100% wool of the old Texelaar breed. The farmers shave the Texelaar sheep once a year, usually in spring. The wool is spun traditionally and used in its natural colours. The fur and wool is never dyed. Nevertheless, Dutch Winter Warmers handwarmers are available in an array of different natural colours. The colours are created by mixing white and brown fur during spinning. The standard design of the handwarmers is dual-coloured. In total there are four different colour combinations available. If you have preference for single coloured warmers, please contact us.

Keep your hands warm and your fingers free, the traditional Dutch way! Warm hands and free fingers! These handwarmers have been knitted or stitched since the early 17th century, and they were used by artisans, fishermen, and marketers. It kept their hands warm, but their fingers remained ‘free’ to make or repair fishing nets, handle tools, or count money on the markets.

Dutch Winter Warmers handwarmers is an unique and traditional ‘Made in Holland’ product that you can, and should be proud of. We certainly are!

Experience the unique warmth of the Texelaar wool. Dutch Winter Warmers handwarmers should be washed by hand with a little shampoo or pH neutral detergent. DO NOT machine wash! DO NOT tumble dry. Leave your washed handwarmers to dry on a towel. The quality and sustainability of woolen Dutch Winter Warmers handwarmers is best when you keep to the washing instructions.