Yes. We are live!

I am so proud of my new website, online this week!

And of course I have to write a blog about Dutch Winter Warmers, about the adventures that I experience in my knitting, the wool, the sheep and the fashion-design-trend world.

I love to knit and I am very good at it; do that for years as a hobby and sometimes as a therapy. And I love to go into woolshops, especially abroad, and admire the colors and a variety of beautiful yarns; I always have to touch, feel the wool.

I thought about a concept, a Dutch concept. It has to be 100% Dutch without the clogs, windmills and tulips feeling. Something old, some thing about traditional customs and with a story.

Of course you can find all that in the traditional Dutch costumes. And I started to read about that. We all know about the Volendam costumes, it looks like a logo, a brand. But there is so much more to know about the various Dutch costumes.

Warm Hands Free Fingers: So I started to knit Handwarmers and with it my knitting business. Dutch Winter Warmers.

But my business cannot excist only of the Handwarmers I had to think and designed other products, such as pillows and plaids (blankets):  winterwarmers!

In de plaids I used the different patterns knitted in various fishermen’s jumpers like ‘fishbone’, ‘cable’ and ‘group of herring’. But the pillows and plaids had to be lined, so I searched for traditional Dutch fabrics. And these I have found in the Frisian fishing village of Hindeloopen. There is a long life tradition to make women’s clothes out of Indian ‘sitsen’ – so beautiful!


But more of that in my next blog: about ‘Sitsen’ and my adventures in ‘Fabric land”.


Have a nice day! Els

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