Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Els Klaassen, founder of Dutch Winter Warmers.  We make products with 100% pure shorn wool from dutch sheep.

Experience the unique warmth of the Texelaar wool

Dutch Winter Warmers products are knitted with 100% pure shorn wool from Dutch sheep. The wool comes from the ‘Texelaar’ sheep. Quality, sustainability and natural colour wool. We work with traditional patterns and materials.

We make handwarmers, pillows and plaids but orders can also be made on request.


Handwarmer Grey-Dark Grey


Keep your hands warm and your fingers free, the traditional Dutch way! Warm hands and free fingers! These handwarmers have been knitted or stitched since the early 17th century, and they were used by artisans, fishermen, and marketers.

Dutch Winter Warmer-8912

Pillows & Plaids

Traditional patterns from old Dutch fisherman’s jersey’s such as the ‘Fishbone’, the ‘Shoal Herring’ and ‘cable’ have been used to create these products. For the pillows, it was decided to knit in only one pattern, while the plaids are knitted in three different patterns which are sewn together in blocks.